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Divisions of Responsibilities of Executing Agencies
The project consists of three sub projects; and the Shimen Reservoir and its Catchment Management Promotion (SRCMP) Group and Working Teams are established.

Missions of the SRCMP Group are as follows:
1. Review of the various components of the project.
2. Coordination of matters in relation to the promotion policies of the project.
3. Review of implementation plans and associated work programs.
4. Guidance on and control and evaluation of the project implementation.
5. Review of annual implementation reports.
6. R&D and H.R. cultivation and training.
7. Other affairs relating to the promotion of the project.

Missions of the Working Teams are as follows:
1. Preliminary review of various cases to be submitted to the SRCMP Group for review.
2. Preliminary review of the matters related to the implementation plans of project’s work programs.
3. Assistance with the control and evaluation of and guidance on the project implementation.
4. Preliminary review of the annual implementation reports.
5. Other undertakings in relation to review, evaluation, guidance and coordination as designated by the SRCMP Group.

The 3 Sub Projects are as follows:
I. Emergency Water Supply and Reservoir Amelioration
(I) Contents of works
1. To raise the total capability of emergency pumps installed on the dam crest to 960 thousand m. tons per day and also its downstream conveyance pipelines.
2. To carry out emergency repair of outlet structures of the power plant and the river permanent channel.
3. To realize the implementation plan of the standby water supply with groundwater for the Hsinchu and Taouyuan districts’ industrial parks.
4. To implement the installation of water supply facilities to meet the emergency situation of low water levels in the reservoir.
5. To build additional facilities for drawing the reservoir water.
6. To improve the afterbay, and construct pools for standby water storage and an artificial lake.
7. To ameliorate the functions of existing desilting facilities of reservoir.
8. To construct additional sabo dams for reservoir.
9. To conduct relevant investigations, planning, experiments and studies.
10. To build a new hydrological and experiments & monitoring center.
11. To repair the appurtenant facilities and improve the peripheral environments of reservoir.
12. To dredge the sediments in reservoir.

(II) Executing agency
MOEA (through the Northern Region Water Resources Bureau of WRA)
II. Water Supply Facilities Stabilization and Main Conveyance Pipeline Improvement
(I) Contents of works
1. Setup of an additional relay boost station at Jianshan.
2. Building of an additional raw water storage pool of 500 thousand m. tons at Shimen Water Purification Plant.
3. Expansion of Lungtan Water Purification Plant capacity.
4. Transfer of water from the Tahan River at Banxin southward to Taoyuan (including pipeline connections between the southern and the northern Taoyuan areas).
5. Dual-direction water supply between Taoyuan and Hsinchu districts.

(II) Executing agency
MOEA (through the Northern Region Water Resources Office of WRA)

III. Catchments Conservation and Management
(I) Contents of works
1. Land use management plan.
2. Land use, environmental ecology and disaster-prevention survey & monitoring plan.
3. Reservoir’s catchment’s area conservation plan.
4. Conservation and disaster-prevention education, propagation and guidance plan

(II) Executing Agencies
Council of Agriculture (through Soil & Water Conservation Bureau, Forestry Bureau), Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Interior (through Department of Land Administration, Construction & Planning Agency), and Taoyuan and Hsinchu County Governments.