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Main Work Items

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The scope of work of this Shimen Reservoir and its Catchment Management Project (the Project) covers mainly the catchment’s area management, and the installation of facilities for improvement of the high turbid raw water in the Shimen Reservoir and its water supply area. The contents of works can be divided into 3 components; namely, 1. the reservoir related works-emergency water supply works as well as renovation and improvement of the reservoir; 2. the downstream water supply district’s facilities-enhancement of stabilization of water supply and amelioration of main water supply pipes; and 3. the related measures for the upstream catchments-conservation and management of catchment. The planning results of the project at present still have to be formulated its implementation plans by the executing agency of Central Government, in accordance with Article 3 of the Special Act Governing the Management of Shimen Reservoir and its Catchment Area” (the Act). And the plans should also be reviewed by the Shimen Reservoir and its Catchment Management Promotion (SRCMP) Group. The features of the scope of project are briefed as follows:
  1. Emergency Water Supply and Reservoir Amelioration
  2. Water Supply Facilities Stabilization and Main Conveyance Pipeline Improvement
  3. Catchments Conservation and Management