Emergency Water Supply and Reservoir Amelioration - 經濟部水利署石門水庫及其集水區整治計畫專屬網站

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Emergency Water Supply and Reservoir Amelioration

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  1. To raise the daily total capability of the emergency pumps installed on the dam crest to 0.96 million m. tons per day and the downstream conveyance pipelines
  2. To carry out emergency repair of outlet structures of power plant and river permanent channel
  3. To carry out implementation plan of standby water supply with groundwater for Hsinchu and Taouyuan districts’ industrial parks
  4. To install water supply facilities to meet emergency situation of low water levels in the reservoir
  5. To build additional facilities for drawing the reservoir water (Approved)
  6. To improve the reservoir's afterbay, and construct standby water storage pools and artificial lake
  7. To revamp the functions of existing desilting facilities of reservoir
  8. To conduct relevant investigations, planning, experiments and studies
  9. To construct additional sabo dams for reservoir
  10. To build a new hydrological and water quality experiments & monitoring center
  11. To repair the pertinent facilities and improve the peripheral environments of reservoir
  12. To dredge the sediments in reservoir